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Be Bold with Bananas

Be Bold with Bananas coverBe Bold with Bananas
Banana Control Board

Credit goes to Book Riot for bringing this little gem to our attention.  Also, my friend Brian, who sent me that link.  I verified library holdings just to be sure it is an awful “library” book and not just a weird book…and it is.  The holdings are mostly in New Zealand and South Africa, but an ALB is an ALB. Universally.

It’s not just that it is 41 years old.  It’s not just that it has that horrible “plastic food” photography. It’s not just that it has very strange ideas of what to do with bananas.  It’s all of those things combined.

I’m calling it: this one is a weeder.  (And I WANT it for my family’s Christmas gag gift exchange.)


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Vintage Recipes from Ford Motor Company

Favorite REcipes from Famous Eating PlacesThe Second Ford Treasury of Favorite Recipes From Famous Eating Places

This wonderful book showed up in a library book sale and of course I grabbed it! I looked up some of the house specialties from Michigan.  (I love the idea of going to Oscoda to eat Tuna Casserole.You would think they would feature one of the fish from Lake Huron as a specialty.)   None of the places located in cities I was familiar with even registered on my radar with the exception of New Orleans’ Court of Two Sisters  and Plymouth, Michigan’s Mayflower Hotel.

According to WorldCat, there are some holdings in university collections and some large libraries which are probably appropriate places.  As current travel information? Of course this is not helpful.  As a culinary and marketing relic from the 50s, absolutely a winner.


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Who Doesn’t Like Jell-o?

New Joys of Jello coverNew Joys of Jell-o Brand Gelatin Recipe Book
Kraft General Foods

One of our readers found this book on the Woot blog and submitted it.  You have to admit, some of these recipes are ridiculous.  The people and decor pictured are completely outdated, too.  There are plenty of libraries out there, both public and academic, with this gem still riding the shelves.  I think it’s safe to weed it.

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