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Food with Foreign Flair!

Meals with a Foreign Flair coverMeals with a Foreign Flair
Better Homes and Gardens

So, who knew those foreigners had such tasty food? Better Homes and Gardens is here to help. None of the recipes seem particularly interesting, but I am sure in the early 1960s this was “exotic.”

My favorite entry was the “Honorable Chinese Dinner.” Prepare to cringe while reading.


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Marvelous Margarine

Mealtime Marvels with Margarine coverMealtime Marvels with Margarine
National Cotton Council
1950 (est)

Margarine! It’s just like butter! When you want to serve your family the best, think margarine. (It’s FORTIFIED!)

I love this little cookbook! The entire theme is how margarine is fancier and better than plain old butter. I actually did a bit of searching since I know nothing about margarine other than I would prefer butter. I did ran across this  older Mental Floss article about crazy history of margarine, which is actually pretty interesting. Who knew?

Now everyone run into the kitchen and glorify those plain old meals with some sexy margarine.


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Tuna Chip Casserole or Tomato Cheese Delight?

Praise for the Cook - coverPraise For The Cook
Proctor & Gamble Company

Yes, we have another retro cookbook for everyone. Crisco (Proctor and Gamble) are the sponsors of this gem.  Not too fond of some of these recipes. I think my mom probably trotted out a few of these back when I was a kid. I think many of these should stay in the past. I included the “best”. Vegetarians, you will be excited that there is a meatless tomato casserole for you. (yum?)  I would also like to suggest taking a peek at Retro Recipe Attempts.  (She actually took the Surprise Meatloaf Recipe from this post and made it for her family.)

Cookbooks are so cool as collectibles and these types of books/ephemera belong in archives. For public libraries, not so much. Personally, I hate spiral bound stuff for regular circulation. They just don’t hold up over time.


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