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retro cookbooks

Snag a boyfriend with a meal!

Teen Time Cooking coverTeen-Time Cooking
with Carnation

Want to be one of the cool kids? Break out the apron and you can be popular and throw the perfect party with help from this little book. Naturally, Sad Susie is totally unpopular with the boys, but she can at least get her girlfriends together and throw a little party. One of those girls might have a cute brother or cousin and with your cooking skills you might be able to snag a new boyfriend. Naturally, we have a molded tuna salad recipe with gelatin to make sure you can properly “shape” your food. I am sure this recipe is a sure bet for attracting a man.



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Husband Tested Recipes

Husband tested recipes cover“Husband-Tested” Recipes
Pet Milk Co.

A little something from the olden days. Husbands, run don’t walk to get this wonderful cookbook for the Missus.  I love these vintage cooking books. Definitely a keeper for an archive, but not so much for a public library.

The recipes don’t look too bad if you ignore the icky black and white photos. I am going to say no to the funky looking banana nut salad.



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Young America Cooks

Young America's CookbookYoung America’s Cook Book
A Cook Book for Boys and Girls Who Like Good Food
Home Institute of the New York Herald Tribune, ed.

We love cookbooks at ALB. The older ones are really wonderful glimpses into the past. That said, my public library is not the place for this gem, but an archive might want this treasure. In the meantime, check out the Shirley Temple curls on the girl and the boys wearing nice suits to a picnic. Everyone is happy.


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