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Gourmet Dishes with Condensed Soup

Good Restaurants Cookbook USA - cover

Great Restaurants Cookbook, USA
Famous Recipes Made Easy
Steffanssen and Townsend, Ed.1975

Evidently, the great restaurants depend a whole lot on canned soup from Campbell’s. Anyone growing up in the 60s and 70s probably remembers more than a few soup/casserole combinations. My mother was an expert at turning a can of soup into a meal. I know, for her, it was less about taste and presentation and more about feeding a family on a budget. For me, even if you have fancy titles and beautiful recipes, it’s not probably going to impress anyone if condensed soup is the featured ingredient. I doubt anyone would miss this collection of recipes from the collection.




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Vintage Recipes from Ford Motor Company

Favorite REcipes from Famous Eating PlacesThe Second Ford Treasury of Favorite Recipes From Famous Eating Places

This wonderful book showed up in a library book sale and of course I grabbed it! I looked up some of the house specialties from Michigan.  (I love the idea of going to Oscoda to eat Tuna Casserole.You would think they would feature one of the fish from Lake Huron as a specialty.)   None of the places located in cities I was familiar with even registered on my radar with the exception of New Orleans’ Court of Two Sisters  and Plymouth, Michigan’s Mayflower Hotel.

According to WorldCat, there are some holdings in university collections and some large libraries which are probably appropriate places.  As current travel information? Of course this is not helpful.  As a culinary and marketing relic from the 50s, absolutely a winner.


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