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Celebrity Recipes

celebrity cookbook cover


Celebrity Cookbook

I know many of you have wondered “what does Jack Lord cook for dinner?” No, it is not some exotic dish from Hawaii. It is watercress soup.  Awesome!

This book has all the hot celebrities that no one under the age of 35 will remember without a Google search. For those of us who are more mature, there are lots of stars of yesteryear featured.  Dina Merrill and her Mussels, Vikki Carr and her Chicken Catalana, and Anthony Quinn’s Stuffed Potatoes are just a few of the names. Besides the Hollywood crowd, Mark Spitz, Dr Jean Mayer, and Muriel Humphrey have featured recipes. I found myself just flipping through and trying to remember who was still alive.



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Mmmm Meat!

Meat Recipes for the Family ChefMeat Recipes for the Family Chef
National Livestock and Meat Board

Today we have another recipe book (actually pamphlet) from yesteryear. Obviously, this belongs in an archive. They are great fun and remain a good reminder that cookery does tend to have have a sell by date as far as public library collections go. In the meantime, they are a hoot to look through. I particularly want to call your attention to some of the recipes. My favorites include the ultra appetizing Tropical Meat Salad and the Ham Mousse.

Bon Appetit!



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