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On the Move

On the Move coverOn the Move

Submitter: My husband and I have recently taken over library duties at a private special needs school that started out life as a tutoring center.  The library had never been professionally – well, anything.  As a result, the weeding process was kinda more “bulldozer” than “scalpel.”  This one was one of the winners.  “On the Move,” dates from 1979 and that is *exactly* who you think it is on the cover…as a role model figure…in a children’s book…in a school library collection in 2015…

Holly: This book is part of the “Rally!” reading program. The company has moved on to more current materials, for sure – including common core standards that are state-specific. This title, as well as the other 1970s and 1980s (and probably even 1990s) readers can definitely be considered for weeding in most libraries now!


Old School

Making Better Readers coverMaking Better Readers
Strang and Bracken

Submitter: Recently weeded from my community college library, this 1957 treatise on making better readers needs no introduction. The photos speak for themselves. It recommends films, slides, and records and reference works published as early as 1924. Find those in WorldCat if you can. Pedagogically and practically, this book is truly Old School…..(388 items in WorldCat!!)

Holly: Wow, now that’s “vintage.”


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The Retarded Reader

Understanding and Helping the Retarded Reader

Understanding and Helping the Retarded Reader

Submitter: My local library has a small section on education help. Here is an ancient book from the proceedings of a conference on reading problems held in 1962. Scholarly, and not much help to a public patron who might be dealing with this issue.

Holly: This is in a public library? Whyyyyy?

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