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Making Puppets Come Alive

Puppets coverMaking Puppets Come Alive
Engler and Fijan

Submitter: The pictures are not nearly as scary as the cover led me to believe, but this book is in definite need of an upgrade. My personal favorite is the listing of puppetry organizations – there are only two! I did a quick Google search and was able to locate more than a dozen just on one website! If puppetry is popular with your patrons, get them a better book.

Holly: The title is a little creepy, too. Let’s not make puppets come alive. Ever.


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Dolls from Hell

Doll Making coverDoll Making: A Creative Approach

Submitter: This book was found in the craft section of my local public library. It’s more about artistically crafted dolls you can make at home. Really, it’s just filled with creepy dolls. I know I won’t be able to get their face out of my head when I sleep at night. Hopefully this won’t scare Mary as much as the clown book I submitted a few weeks ago.

Holly: You mean this one? Yeah, that one got her good. I get that libraries should have books about doll making, and maybe even the history of doll making. I just don’t understand why they should be almost 45 years old and filled with dark, old black and white photos of the weirdest dolls ever made. There are cute and cuddly and adorable dolls out there, I swear.

Mary: That third one looks like Miss Piggy after some kind of alcoholic bender or demonic possession.

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Puppet Nightmares

Playing with Puppets coverPlaying with puppets

Submitter: Found this book while working in our children’s book section. It’s only circulated twice in the last 14 years. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the frightening (and disturbing) examples of puppets.

Holly: As puppet books go, it’s ok, but look at that bite out of the top of the cover! This book is 40 years old, and showing its age. I really don’t get the vegetable puppets (second picture below). Are they just for looks, or do you actually play with them as the title implies? One last question: Are children supposed to be able to make these, or is this a book for adults to make puppets for kids? The title implies it’s more about playing with them, but the contents talks about sewing and polystyrene, and gives fabric dimensions. Now I’m just not sure who the intended audience is.

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