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Moody Teens

mind and mood book cover

Mind and Mood
Understanding and Controlling Your Emotions

Another 80s relic from the teen section. I was distressed to find this lurking on the shelves and that it was still being checked out. I am more than a little concerned that personality tests and dubious Freudian theories are being used as gospel to a teen audience. Even for the time, I think this book comes off as scientific as an astrology reading.

Current mental health information and resources should be a priority for a public library, especially for teens. This book is a good reminder that even with active circulation, this book still needs to be weeded as it is out of date by decades. Besides, the cover alone should be your first clue that this one is a weeder.


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What’s going on in that pretty little head of yours?

Feminine Psychology cover

Feminine Psychology

Submitter: Pulled because of the date and the author/title combo down the spine.  It just got worse when one of our librarians innocently said that we should keep the book because it looked like this was “a seminal work in the field.”  Apparently, it is.

Holly: Ooooh!  Good one!  Yes – weed for age and content, and then laugh because that’s pretty funny.

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