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Psychic Pets

Psychic Pets - cover
Psychic Pets: The Secret World of Animals

Submitter: The eyes of the dog and cat on the cover are very disturbing.  If glowing ink had been on offer from the publisher, I’m sure this book would have used it. Inside there are few pictures, none of them seemed to “capture” phychic-ness, in my opinion.  I have included the one picture of a human, mostly because of his illustrious credentials: Director of the Duke University Parapsychological Laboratory and leading American authority on animals with psychic powers. Ahem.

Holly: Whatever those pets on the cover are picking up on is freaking them out. A book like this can work in a public library as something fun (or even serious to those who are into that sort of thing – I make no judgments!), but they aren’t generally meant to last 38 years. Weed and replace!


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Therapeutic Bigfoot

Pyschic Sasquatch

The Psychic Sasquatch and their UFO Connection

I am a sucker for books like this on bigfoot, ufos, the Bermuda Triangle and all the other stuff that hangs out in the 000’s. I have been known to settle in and watch Finding Bigfoot on the Animal Planet. Evidently, Michigan is a top Bigfoot hangout. (Even today, as I was writing this, Bigfoot has been sighted and he is looking for pizza.) This particular book asserts that Bigfoot has the ability to communicate telepathically with people. The author details his own experiences and documents other similar sightings. Conclusion: we shouldn’t fear the sasquatch (but make sure he has some pizza!)



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