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Come to the library to cure your agoraphobia!

Agoraphobia workbook cover


The Agoraphobia Workbook: A Comprehensive Program to End Your Fear of Symptom Attacks
Pollard and Zuercher-White

Submitter: We all wondered how exactly an agoraphobic would find this book on the shelves of our library? And I thought the inside should read “You are cured!” if indeed someone suffering from agoraphobia did check it out.
Are you surprised to learn that it never once circulated and was in pristine condition?

Holly: I am surprised by the pristine condition part. Workbooks get written in within seconds of hitting the shelves. My library has a home delivery service for people who are homebound…maybe there are some potential readers there! Or for people who are trying to understand their agoraphobic friends/family. I have less issue with the subject matter and more issue with its age and the workbook format.



You may not need a psychiatrist, but you do need a librarian

You May Not Need a Psychiatrist coverYou May Not Need a Psychiatrist
How Your Body May Control Your Mind

Straight from the 1970s, we have another mind-body connection health book.  In this book he criticizes diagnostics with respect to those conditions as “mental” rather than physical maladies. Some of the more dramatic examples include epilepsy, high blood pressure, or anemia that can present as mental illness. The most interesting thing I found was a reference to restless leg syndrome, which I had never heard mentioned until they started selling drugs to cure it a few years back.

For 1979, this was a good choice for a public library collection. In 2014, it is far too outdated to be of any use to the general public. (As of this writing this book has not been weeded. Public libraries, if you are still holding this, it is time to let it go.)



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