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Pregnant and Fabulous!

Expectant Mothers Wardrobe Planner coverThe Expectant Mother’s Wardrobe Planner: A Fashion Workbook to Organize Today’s Mother-To-Be

This is a good book, in theory, but there is one section that strikes me as odd (images below). Scarves are still fashionable, but the section I’ve put a red box around in the image advises pregnant women to avoid tying their scarves like a classic man’s tie.  The reason is that it will look “stiff, formal, and out of place on you now.” Now? So…expectant mothers should avoid looking stiff and formal, but that look is fine when you’re not pregnant? That just strikes me as an odd statement.

There is some good advice about what to wear while nursing, as well as moving from one stage of pregnancy to another. It talks about mail-order and catalog shopping, though, which is definitely an 80s concept. Of course, there is no mention of online shopping or current sources of maternity wear. I do like the focus on comfort and practicality over fashion, but fashion isn’t completely ignored either – also good.

This is a workbook, so it has lots of write- in sections. The copy I saw had some erased writing in some of the forms – at least the patron used pencil!

This would be a good choice for public libraries if it were updated.



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Diabetes and Pregnancy

Diabetes and Pregnancy coverDiabetes and Pregnancy
A Guide for the Prospective Mother with Diabetes
Graber, Christman, Rawlings, and Boehm

Isn’t this an attractive looking book? I think the excessive tape and dirt also add to its ambiance. The big question is why is it still in a public library health collection? I hate to go off on a rant, but this just kills me. Hopefully this was a book that fell through the cracks and isn’t indicative of the rest of the health collection. Seriously, this is NOT better than nothing.

I would also like to suggest that department heads and directors seriously look at data regarding the age. Median age and average are good tools for evaluating collections. If your staff aren’t getting this done, especially in time sensitive collections like medical and legal information, please get with them and re-prioritize collection maintenance tasks. Don’t let this book happen to you!


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Teen Preggers

Teen Pregnancy coverTeen Pregnancy

Submitter: We weed our collections on a yearly regular schedule and I can usually breathe a sigh of relief when I check our catalog for books featured on ALB because we don’t own them.  Our collection is pretty well maintained, if I do say so.  But sometimes things slip through the cracks!  I found this gem while pulling hold items on the same topic.  I’m just glad the customer hadn’t placed this one on hold.  The scan of the cover doesn’t really do its condition justice.  It just looks dingy, old, and well, awful!  Most of the general information isn’t bad, but all of the statistics are from the late 70’s or mid-80’s.

Holly: The cover really dates this book.  Yeah – 25 years is a bit long to hang on to a book on this topic.  I can only imagine how far from reality “Chapter 2: Money” is!

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