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Predicting Russia’s Future

Russia's future - coverPredicting Russia’s Future: How 1,000 Years of History Are Shaping The 1990s

Submitter: The title alone makes this book an automatic weed for our public library. This book is part of the Whittle Communication’s Larger Agenda Series, which “presents short books by distinguished authors on subjects of importance to managers and policymakers in business and the public sector.” A weird and interesting element of this series is that each book has a corporate sponsor. The publishing company intersperses each chapter with an advertisement, in this case Federal Express. The New York Times has a number of articles on Whittle Communications and/or Chris Whittle if you’re interested in researching this any further!

Holly: Someone should tell them that “going to the dogs” means it is not as good as it used to be. The ad for Air-Vet (last two pictures, below) says “Thanks to me, Air-Vet’s business is going to the dogs.” I get that they meant that their business is literally for dogs (and other animals, as they spell out in the fine print below), but it’s kind of an unfortunate play on words.

This book is so old that we now know what Russia’s future held. This book must have been published just shortly before the Soviet Union’s collapse.

Also, Whittle Communications fell on hard times in 1994.


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Coming Collapse of China

Coming Collapse of China coverThe Coming Collapse of China

Submitter: Books that prognosticate are in a category of their own as far as weeding is concerned. How ridiculous this claim now looks. Note it was 2001 when this author claimed China would collapse in five to ten years. The problem is that these books are scattered throughout the collection, without a unifying subject heading or even a recurring title keyword to help you find them. The only solution is frequent, thorough weeding of every section. From the Mayan calendar in 001.9 to this gem in 951, I’ve had a busy week weeding old predictions that failed to come true.

Holly: These are fun to look at after the fact, but for a truly relevant collection, feel free to weed them when the prediction fails. In many cases, you can weed it even if the prediction holds true. Unless Mr. Chang’s work is still popular or important in your library, most of us can let go of this book.

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