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Don’t Touch Me, Chrissy!

Touch Me: The Poems of Suzanne Somers

There’s no denying that Suzanne Somers has been prolific.  She’s written diet books, exercise books, aging books, a biography…and even a poetry book.  It’s awfully sweet and cute and charming; only a little bit nauseating.

If you have scads of extra space in your library, by all means keep it and embrace it and read aloud from it at a poetry reading program.  For everyone else, this is an example of a poetry book that could be weeded without significantly impacting the depth and scope of your poetry collection.


To boldly go where no poetry has gone before 

Pearls of Love, 1983

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To boldly go where no poetry has gone before

Come be with me
A collection of poems

Holly passed on this submission and with rolled eyes said…”oh this one is for you!”
I know virtually nothing about poetry other than nothing really rhymes with orange.  I have no idea if this is “good” poetry.  I am thinking it isn’t.


I am Trek fan from WAY back and love everything from the original series to the latest movie. Mr. Spock has always been a dreamboat in my book.  I hope this was simply an experiment.

Live Long and Prosper!