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Getting Kinky at Home

popular mechanics home kinks

Popular Mechanics
Home Kinks
Popular Mechanics, Inc

Every now and then I will run across something interesting that just needs to be shared. In this case, it is a periodical that says Home Kinks on the cover. Inquiring minds absolutely need to know what kind of popular kinks are used at home.

I enjoyed this little gem from cover to cover. Does it belong in a public library? Nope. It does belong in an archive and hopefully digitized for future consumption. For now, enjoy this and don’t miss some of the pamphlets and books available for only a couple of dollars.


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Evil Returns to the Craft Section

Hobby cover featuring applehead dolls

Popular Handicrafts and Hobbie$
Sherrer, Ed.
September 1979

Prepare yourselves: Applehead Dolls have returned.  Particularly disturbing are the applehead dolls that look like Santa. I am sure the kids will love them and totally re-think that whole decision on naughty v. nice.

As an added bonus, we also have an article about handwriting analysis for fun and profit. Move over Bill Gates, these people are going to make big money.


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