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peer pressure

Under Pressure!

peer pressure cover

Peer Pressure

Another book for the teens battling peer pressure. Our author is here to give you the 411 on all things teen peer pressure. The message is pretty clear: be your own person, so long as you are still following the rules.  Protect your precious virginity. No one likes a slut and you will probably get AIDS and die. Don’t do drugs or drink. Again, you will probably die. Don’t you all feel better? Problems solved!


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House of Crack

House that Crack Built coverThe House that Crack Built

I don’t get this one. It really is a poem/story about the house that crack built. I get that. What I don’t get is why you would read this to a child? Maybe it is for adults? Maybe I am to read it as a statement on the economic and social justice issues of the drug trade?  All worthy reasons to buy this. I am just not sure I would put it in the kiddie section with the picture books. Regardless, the artwork is beyond wonderful, and I can see purchasing it for a public library on that alone.

Maybe this is a definite purchase, but where do we put it?


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