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Aunt Gracie’s Mistake

Softball Practice coverSoftball Practice

Submitter: My daughter chose this on our last trip to our local public library.

The summary from Scholastic: “Aunt Gracie drives Jan and friend Sam to the park for softball practice. As she drives off, Jan and Sam wait for the other team members to arrive. But Jan starts to get worried and realizes that her Aunt Gracie left them at the wrong park. Sam has a great idea to pass the time by practicing softball. And while they’re having fun, Sam’s mom, Jan’s dad and Aunt Gracie all arrive. And they end up having a great softball practice anyway!”

Basically, this aunt drops two six-year-olds at an empty park and leaves. They realize the mistake and decide to play catch while they wait for some responsible adults to show up. Then, here come mom and dad and auntie, and they all shrug and say, “Oopsie! Sorry for abandoning you for the last hour!” The end.

Holly: I guess in some parts of the country it’s plausible… In other parts of the country, the six-year-olds would have cell phones and call Aunt Gracie immediately. While they waited, the six-year-olds would tweet: “Abandoned at empty park. Send juiceboxes. #FML” Aunt Gracie and the parents would then have a visit from Child Protective Services. #TheEnd

Don’t give your kids any sex hangups

Raising Your Child to Be a Sexually Healthy AdultRaising Your Child to be a Sexually Healthy Adult

Submitter: This book is useless in a current public library. No information about HIV/AIDS, no information about the internet and internet safety. Certainly nothing on sexting. Time to weed and update. I am including the fun survey in the back. Have fun!

Holly: It definitely needs to be updated. I wonder how they approach the sex roles and gender identification section hinted at on the back cover? I’m a bit perplexed by the question in the quiz that says “I engage in physical activities such as dancing, playing sports, and swimming.” What does that have to do with sexual health?

Mary: Maybe you need to be naked when you do “physical activities”.

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Bad parenting is making kids gay

Shaping Your Child's Sexual Identity coverShaping Your Child’s Sexual Identity

This is yet another of the “fix your gay kids” advice books. Lots of “great” advice in watching out for those excessively masculine traits in girls and overly feminine traits in boys.  Bad parenting=gay kids because you need to be vigilant in your supervision. You need to slap a doll out of the hand of a boy and/or make those girls wear dresses or the entire civilization is ruined.

The fact that this book exists and that people believe it, it is proof enough that civilization is ruined.

I will be in the back, weeping (again) for humanity,



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