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Spare the Rod?

Goe the Rod and Your Child's Bod cover

God, the Rod and Your Child’s Bod
The Art of Loving Correction for Christian Parents

Life is bad and children are out of control, but with a handy stick, you can beat the crap out of them. Really.

Evidently the corrupt world (probably the fault of divorcees, selfish mothers, feminists and gays) is causing your children to become undiciplined monsters. But you can get a stick and beat your kids into good behavior. It’s okay because you do it with love.

I will be in the back weeping for humanity,


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How to be a Jewish Mother

How to be a Jewish Mother coverHow to be a Jewish Mother
A Very Lovely Training Manual

This was snagged from the humor section and is a training manual for Jewish mothers and how to really use passive aggressive comments and guilt. The author asserts that this training is also appropriate for other ethnic groups and religions.

Of course this book is old but not necessarily a bad choice. My gripe is that the tape and certain unidentified substances make it weed-worthy. I will leave it to the Jewish mothers out there to discuss the accuracy of the “advice”.



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No Trouble

We Never Had Any Trouble BeforeWe Never Had Any Trouble Before: First Aid for Parents of Teenagers

Submitter: I found this 40 year old parenting advice book languishing on the shelf at my local public library. This is such an important topic, but you need to have current information about this. 1975 is just too old!

Holly: The section on hitchhiking (below) seems ridiculous. Do kids today even think about “seeing America” by hitchhiking from one end to the other? I doubt it. Sure, we need to tell kids that hitchhiking is not a good idea, but this makes it sound almost like the parents are overreacting and it’s not such a bad thing as long as kids are aware of the risks. I like the open dialogue method, but I wonder what else the author suggests compromising on. Was this how kids were raised in the 70s? Mary?

Mary: I will say that evils of hitchhiking were a common theme in most of our “safety” discussions at school. I am sure I saw more than one filmstrip on this topic in my youth. I like to think of parenting books as a quest for the Holy Grail. I think it is cruel to suggest parents can find answers to the insanity of parenting teens. We posted this back in the early days of ALB and I never got to see any interior pages or interior shots. It looks like Roger never wrote any  more books besides this one. I like to think he was probably killed by a teenager or an angry parent wanting their money back for the cost of the book. On a side note: Roger looks like Robert Redford’s body double for the movie Jeremiah Johnson. (God, I am old.)

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