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Weight Loss Surgeries

Weight Loss Surgery coverMedications and Surgeries for Weight Loss: When Dieting Isn’t Enough

Submitter: Most people will easily agree that obesity is a problem our society, and teens are on the cusp of being able to make their own decisions regarding their own health. However, this book is a bit dated and is replete with scare tactics – pictures of people stuffing their faces and morality tales of teens who tried to take care of their weight through surgery and had bad results. This is an important topic, but there are more recent books that would be a better fit for the YA nonfiction.

Holly: 2006 was nine years ago, so it’s definitely on the long side of useful and headed straight for “awful library book” status. I don’t like the images of people eating (below) either. They’re caricatures of real people with real medical problems looking for real answers. Shame on the publisher! I’d take a book more seriously if it presented the material respectfully and, well, seriously.

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