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Friday Fiction: Probation Nurse

Probation Nurse coverProbation Nurse (Original Title: Into the Wind)
original copyright 1941
paperback 1962

Sabra always wanted to be a nurse. Despite some financial troubles, she is on her way to training. She also is engaged to the ultra cool Dr. Galen Trent. This book drags us through the training regimen of the “probs” (probationary nurses).  They have 3 months to prove themselves or they are out. The rules are quite detailed. Obedience to the rule is everything. The plot centers on the decision to break the rules in order to save a life. Tough stuff. It all works out in the end and she makes it through the training to get her cap.

Not the best of this genre, but not the worst either. I was exhausted just reading about the do’s and don’ts for the probs. It seemed like most of these rules were all about keeping the pecking order in place. Patient care didn’t seem to be as important as being sure that people went into the room in the correct order. (Doctors first, nurses with caps next, etc.) The strict rules had me thinking more about prison camp than nurse training.


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Friday Fiction – Prison Nurse

prison nurse coverPrison Nurse
1959 (mass market paperback)

This was originally published in 1934, and most holdings are in academic libraries. I have no idea if the original publication sported this awesome cover art.  I love the suggestion of danger. (A shirtless man in a bed also has a few “suggestions” as well.)

I definitely have patrons that love this stuff, and we have bought many modern pulp novels for our general collection. Maybe it’s my age, but I just love the forbidden look to these novels.



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Friday Fiction: Paging Dr. Devastating!

Dr. Devastating

I will be honest, the only reason I requested this book is because of the title. How can you resist a title like Dr Devastating?  You can’t! Of course we have a reluctant Nurse Practitioner Lee who is all business with those darn doctors, until Dr Devastating shows up. The series is called “Prescription: Marriage” so I think we can guess where this story is headed. Enjoy!


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