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native americans

Small Wolf

Small Wolf coverSmall Wolf

Submitter: I found this lovely lesson in racism in our Early Readers section. I would hesitate to share this with any child without lots of explanation, but particularly not with a child just learning to read. Yikes!

Holly: I’m dying to know what happened in the story! Submitter included a page where someone or something was shot, and there was a thunk…what was it?? Really, though, let’s let this one go to the great fairy tale Thanksgiving in the sky (also known as the Friends of the Library Book Sale).


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“Discovery” of North America

Discover America coverDiscovery of North America
A Grosset All-Color Guide

Direct from the kid nonfiction section, all you want to know about the “discovery” of America. (I guess it didn’t exist until some white guys “found” it.) It is a weeder just on the title ALONE. However, if that isn’t enough, check out the pictures and text. My personal favorite is the Viking in the metal bra.


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I is for Indian

I is for Indian

My “i” Sound Box

Submitter: We all need to learn the short “i” sound sooner or later, but there are many better and more culturally sensitive titles that can be used to support this phonics goal.  While well-used, this book from 1984 is now bordering on racist, with stylized representations of a Native American girl and all of her great “Indian” stuff.  PC issues aside, the only short-i words besides “Indian” are iguana, inchworm, and igloo (a magical igloo at that – it somehow stays frozen on a lawn in apparently warm weather, and is light enough to be picked up by a young girl).  Hmmmm.  Best part is when the little girl – looking like she just stepped out of a Nazi propaganda poster – exclaims, “Now I will dress like an Indian!” (The best part could also be the double entendre with the word box … but I’ll leave that for you to decide.)

Holly: Makes me want to look back through all the books in this giant series. They’re classic, but it might be time to let them go.

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