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Friday Fiction: The Case of the Missing Coed

Case of the Missing CoedThe Case of the Missing Coed
(Original Title: A Little Sin)

Today’s Friday Fiction is nice little mystery. I love these old paperbacks for the artwork and titillating descriptions. This one is already on my “to read” list.

College math professor Bruce Graham was having a bit of a mid-life crisis. He is 42 and looking for some “attention”‘ from the misses and was told to “act his age”.  Sexy coed, Barbara Case offered him an ride to a meeting. They could discuss his graduate seminar while she drove. This was all perfectly innocent. Then Barbara turns up dead and then all sorts of secrets and lies are exposed.  Temptation is a dangerous thing, people!


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Friday Fiction: Stag Night

Stag Night coverStag Night

I am so glad that we have something for the men today.  Stag Night is an annual tradition at this “gentleman’s club”.  Our cast of entertainers have cool names like Madge and Peaches. Story is Madge is a past her prime but hey she is as much a tradition as the Stag Night itself.  Murder and all sorts of other unsavory problems threaten to wreck a really nice party.  What to do?

Please take read the list of who’s present. The descriptions are a hoot.  This is a keeper!


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What the Librarian Heard

librarian heard1

What the Librarian Heard

As we continue our celebration of National Library Week, we are featuring some library or librarian related posts. Gotta love the cover art  on this: check out the sensible shoes and the hair!  I think librarians are naturals for the mystery genre. I haven’t read this one yet but it is on my list to read. It had some nice reviews on Amazon and I love having a librarian protagonist!  Anyone read this one yet?

I think we can all imagine something that the librarian heard or saw for that matter.  Some recent examples:

I was asked to predict the exact weather in Minneapolis late January, since a patron didn’t want to pay for an airline ticket from Detroit if the weather was going to be “bad”.  This led to a conversation that never ended.

Holly was asked by a male patron why he couldn’t attract women. (You probably can guess this answer.)

I have yet to meet a librarian that doesn’t have a good story from library work.  To me, it is that daily patron interaction that makes the job so darn interesting.