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When a Man Loves a Woman and a Librarian Loves Weeding

Michael Bolton cover

Michael Bolton: Time, Love, and Tenderness

Submitter: I started a new job at a small two-year college about a month ago, and most of my work so far has been figuring out just how bad the collection really is. The prior library director saw fit to have this 1993 fan publication library-bound to ensure its longevity. Thank goodness! It’s in pretty much pristine condition. Which it should be since it’s never circulated. Most pages feature a picture or six of MB–wearing different outfits, in the company of various starlets, playing softball. Very useful for your first year economics class or something.

Holly: I’d like to say that this is the first Michael Bolton book we’ve featured on ALB, but it isn’t. It is, however, the oldest! Why on earth would the Director bind something like this? Don’t let that stop you from weeding it, though. Better question: why would a two-year college have it in the collection at all?

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How Will I Know?

Whitney Houston coverWhitney Houston

Submitter: What an awful cover! Yes the processing with that translucent cover does not help. Plus the artwork itself is unflattering to Whitney. This book only covers up to 1996. There is no mention of her drug use, fall from grace, or sad death. Time to go!

Holly: The original cover is quite nice! I like the soft painting portrait of Whitney. Unfortunately, the submitted copy is all scratched up or something. Between the messed up cover, the layers of labels and tape on the spine, and the chewed-up corners, this book could be weeded on condition alone. Of all the titles in this “Black Americans of Achievement” series, this is one of the few I’d weed. It looks like a pretty nice series for school and public libraries otherwise.


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What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Tina Turner coverTina Turner

Submitter: Unflattering Cover photo, Check! Out of date information, Check! Must be a celebrity bio book from the 1980’s. They all seem to be like this. There is a chapter on Ike. A bit of a gloss over on their domestic relationship. Maybe that’s all you need, and is appropriate for a kids book? Considering all of her achievements since 1986, this seems like an easy weed. However there are still two copies at my local library. Great singer, out of date book.

Holly: Of all the stock footage of Tina Turner, this is the picture they used for the cover of the book? It looks like an <ahem!> “adult” doll. Show The Queen of Rock some respect! You can put this Private Dancer in your private collection and get it out of the library’s. It’s old. Weed and update. (And move the replacement to the adult collection. Kids aren’t interested.)


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