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Rock Out

Professional Rock and Roll coverProfessional Rock and Roll: 15 experts tell you about forming a band, guitars, amplifiers, lead singing, sound systems, light shows, writing and copyrighting songs, traveling and performing as the hit groups do

Submitter: I am sure there is some interest in the historical content of this book. Great for a music library. However, I don’t think that a public library should be giving up the space. My favorite parts of this book are the old technology and the then-hot performers of 1960’s. Throw in some old copyright information and I think this one can be weeded. I bet it would be a hot item on a sale cart though.

Holly: Undoubtedly! I love the cover. I agree that it’s cool in its own way, but not cool enough to pass weeding criteria in your average public library.

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Papa Don’t Preach

Madonna - cover

Submitter: 2003 doesn’t really seem like it was that long ago, but gee whiz is this dated now! This cover photo was bad even way back then. Zombie alert!

Holly: Preach, Papa, preach! Preach the righteousness of collection quality! That is a horrible picture for the cover. Of all the footage there is of Madonna, this is the best they could do? Maybe it was the most-clothed option. I’m a Madonna fan from way back, and she has ties to our home state of Michigan, so around here we need to keep things more current. She reinvents herself every couple of years,so 2003 is like a century in Madonna years!

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Boot Scootin’

coverThe Country Music Encyclopedia

Submitter: I work at a small academic library where we’ve been trying to weed the reference section.We found this and not only is it 40 years old, it has that 40 year old smell to it, and many of the musicians have passed away since publication even though it’s written as if everyone is alive and kicking. Gotta love the hair height and the pant suit on the covers! Wyoming’s list of country stations only includes AM stations, and the author claims that John Denver “ain’t country, baby”.

Holly: This is spectacular. The hair! The fashion! It was a great choice for libraries 40 years ago. It’s a weeder now, unless there is some sort of music history curriculum at your school. Even then, I’ll bet there are music history books that treat 1974 as history. Weed and replace! Do enjoy the truly wondrous images below, though.


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