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Ah-One, Ah-Two!

Lawrence Welk covers

Ah-One, Ah-Two: Life with My Musical Family
Welk with McGeehan

My America, Your America
Welk with McGeehan

Submitter: Here are two of the four Lawrence Welk biographies in our collection. The full color foldout of the whole cast is my favorite.

Holly: There is a special place in my heart for Lawrence Welk. My dad was a high school band director, and the Lawrence Welk show was shown faithfully in my house every week of my childhood, without fail. (So was Hee-Haw. My dad is “well-rounded” fellow.) I can see having a Lawrence Welk biography (if it still circulates) in a public library, but four is pushing it.

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Git Along Little Dogies

git along coverGit Along Little Dogies
Songs and Songmakers of the American West

Submitter: Hmmm. Let’s see. . . We’re a girls’ school in PA with no curricular connection to cowboy songs. There’s no evidence of this EVER having been checked out. A sound sheet is found as soon as you open the book. I’ve never seen one of these before. Apparently, it’s to be placed on top of a 45 and played on a record player (It needs to be held in place by a coin!)

Mary: Can’t understand why the kids aren’t lining up to check this out. Does it belong somewhere? Maybe, but not at a girl’s school.

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A “Supreme” Weeder

Diana Ross coverDiana Ross

Submitter: What is up with the picture of her on a trashcan? There was no context for that!! [See 2nd picture below]

Holly: I know I said it before, but Diana Ross is important here in Detroit. We simply must have a good biography. Not necessarily for kids, but we need at least a Motown book that includes her. Submitter included a page from the book (last image below) that talks about her family and how she wanted a lot of children. At the time, she had two daughters. According to good ‘ol Wikipedia, she had five children total, so this book is definitely missing some of the story!

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