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Hanson coverHanson: The Official book

Even my 50 year old self knows this is an awesome find! Not sure this is still a good book for the youth biography-especially since it hasn’t been checked out since 1999.  It is in great shape though.

BTW, I put the song MMM Bop in the category of ear worms. God forbid I start hearing this in my sleep again.


“Yo homes, smell ya later”

TV's Hottest TeensTV’s Hottest Teens: Fresh Prince

Submitter: “A young patron wrote inside the cover “this book sucks”. Will Smith was going by Fresh Prince then ( I forgot that).”

Holly: You all know the theme song to Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, don’t you?   I used to sing along, word for word.

Will Smith was born in 1968.  That means he was 24 when this book was written.  True – he played a teen on TV in 1992 – but he’s 41 now!  Teens who find this on library shelves now do not know him as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  They know him as Hancock, Hitch, or the super cool guy in I Am Legend.  In fact, pretty much everything Will Smith has done – other than Fresh Prince and an afterschool special – happened after 1992.  There are lots of more current choices about Will Smith for a library collection.

Young patron was right – this book does suck.

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