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Home Movie Studio coverBuilding a Home Movie Studio and Getting Your Films Online
Lancaster and Conti

Submitter: Here’s a submission of a book I weeded from my library’s collection. The book predates YouTube by several years and talks about publishing your movies using tools like RealPlayer and FrontPage. (Remember them?) It’s horribly outdated and belongs nowhere near a library shelf.

Holly: I do remember them! I learned to make a web page with straight-up HTML, and then FrontPage blew my mind. What possible reason could a library have for keeping this? It was a great pick in 2001, but within five years it was out of date. I love the subtitle, which ends with “today’s hottest source – the Internet.” Profound.

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The “James Dean of the 80s”

Matt Dillon Quiz coverThe Matt Dillon Quiz Book

Are you Matt Dillon’s kind of girl? Well if you want to be, you better brush up on all your Matt Dillon knowledge. This wonderful book is over a hundred pages of awesomeness about Matt. Here are few sample “need to know” facts:

  • History and Gym are his favorite subjects at school
  • Brook Shields is “just a friend”
  • Dillon thought S.E. Hinton was a man
  • Matt loves home cooking
  • Matt hates broccoli

Now everyone can be ready when you are faced with Matt Dillon questions.



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Films Kids Like

More Films Kids Like coverMore Films Kids Like

Submitter: We complain a lot about ALA Editions around here. They always come out many months behind schedule, fall apart almost immediately, and cost three times as much as any other publisher’s works on the topic. But apparently they’ve improved. The excessive white space is throughout the book.

Holly: What an awful cover!  Those kids look totally zoned out, mesmerized by television.  Mostly, though, my beef with this book is that it won’t include any films older than 1977.  The kids this was written for are in their 30s and 40s!  I’ve added a border around the images below to better illustrate the white space that Submitter is talking about.  That part isn’t as obvious here, but there really is quite a ridiculous margin on each page.

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