Hoarding is not collection development
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Baby Do My Banking

Baby Do My Banking - coverBaby Do My Banking
Baby Be Of Use

Yes, this is a humor book. And it’s funny! It is a board book that suggests that Baby should take over the family’s finances. Open a new account! Apply for a home equity loan! And a penny for baby’s trouble. Baby didn’t have anything better to do, after all.

This is weird, for sure, but cute that it’s a board book as if it’s really “for” a baby. What will they think of next?


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Cash for Kids

Extra Cash For Kids
Belliston and Hanks

This book arrived complete with dirty cover, pages missing and a many pages were underlined and marked. So easy decision is to weed it because it is in awful condition. If I could just be permitted a brief rant on paperback editions, please. Folks, they are not meant to be permanent.  In a library setting, a well-used paperback is not going to last but a few years.  Since we have been doing this site, I have run into more ridiculous repairs on books that should have been retired a long time ago.  I am also appalled at staff time and materials being hopelessly applied to a four dollar book.  (Please do the math before “rescuing” a pathetic paperback!)

Anyway, back to this title.  In 1982, this was a great choice for a public library youth non-fiction collection. I would guess that many of the ideas presented would still apply today.  I am not a big fan of the illustrations, but this is still a good topic for a youth collection. I just think we can find something more current with some eye appeal for today’s youth.

By the way, does the “Halloween Insurance” smack of a protection racket?


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Money Management – For Kids!


A Kid’s Guide to Managing Money
A Children’s Book about Money Management

We have featured a couple of Joy’s books here on the website and I found this other one lurking in my own collection! Yikes! This title, like all her others, are over 100 pages. I can’t see any kid sitting down with this title and holding out for 100 pages plus of annoying pictures and text.



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