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Friday Fiction – Bridget of Cat’s Head Point

Bridget of Cat's Head PointBridget of Cat’s Head Point

Submitter: I think the man on the cover (that look on his face!) and Bridget’s hair are what struck me at first. Apparently there really is a Cat’s Head Point in northern Michigan! I had to keep the book, personally, just for a laugh from time to time.

Holly: 1994? I would have guessed early 1980s for a publication date on this one. This “Great Lakes Romances” series was a slam-dunk collection choice, especially in Michigan, when it was published almost 24 years ago. Libraries in the Traverse City, MI area might have a reason to keep it. The rest of us can let it go if it no longer circulates. There is a reader survey form (included with the images below) that is completely useless now. That guy on the cover does have an odd look. Is he supposed to look mad? Is the sun in his eyes? Is he plotting her demise?

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Michigan, My Michigan

Discover Michigan coverDiscover Michigan

My Story of Michigan Geography
Revised 1951

January 26, 2013 is Michigan’s Statehood Day, or as the kids will be calling it, Michigan’s 176th birthday. In preparation for our program, I was pulling materials.  Tucked away in the 977s were these ancient books. Usually, I can’t get enough of this kind of material, since every 3rd grader in the state is studying all sorts of Michigan topics like cities, the Great Lakes, and of course, the Mackinac Bridge.  Neither of the above books has circulated much. For today’s kids these are duds.  (The second one was published before the Big Mac was built, which automatically discounts its value).

I love this topic and also hate it. Invariably there is one parent who lectures me on the lack of books (not necessarily information!) on their choice of a city in Michigan. Last time this happened, it was a kid that had picked East Tawas, a small town located along the shores of Lake Huron. Parent then scolded me on the lack of books for her for 3rd grader on East Tawas.  I told her to write a book and I would be proud to add it to the collection. I also recommended she contact the the Iosco-Arenac District Library for any more information. (Sorry, East Tawas, I kind of threw you under the bus on that one.)

Anyway, new Michigan books have been ordered.  Sorry – I still couldn’t find any specific books for 3rd graders on East Tawas.  How about a report on Detroit or Grand Rapids?

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