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Fix Your Nerves with Jesus

Freedom From Fear coverHow to have Freedom from Fear, Worry and Your Case of Nerves

Isn’t this cover awesome in its awfulness? I think the best part is if you are free from worry, one half of your face will be smooth and young looking.

This little number came from a church library and is all about how scripture will heal all that mental illness. Anxiety, OCD, and “sexual perversions” are all fixable with a little bit of Bible talk. I particularly like the quiz on dealing with reality. In case you are interested, I didn’t do too well on the quiz (last picture). I guess I am headed to an institution soon. Oh wait, I am already there sitting at a reference desk with the other people not dealing with reality.

Institutionalized at the Library,


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How to Recognize Abnormal People

How to Recognize and Handle Abnormal PeopleHow to Recognize and Handle Abnormal People
A Manual for the Police Officer
Matthews and Rowland

When I saw this title, I figured that librarians might need this cutting edge advice just like our fellow public servants, the police. As I read some of the descriptions below, I realized that they could have been describing me. Although to be specific, I don’t think people are plotting against me, I think it is the printer and copy machine in my library. It is the start of Skynet! I am positive!

These old publications are a great glimpse into the recent past and do have value in an academic or archival situation. I doubt if the cops are depending on this booklet in 2016.


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Suicide DIY?

Everything you need to know about Teen SuicideEverything You Need to Know About Teen Suicide

Submitter: My local library has two copies of the 1988 edition of Everything You Need to Know About Teen Suicide. Plus they have multiple copies of the 4 later editions of this book.  The fact that the publisher found it necessary to update this book 4 times since the 1988 publication tells a lot. This copy has data up to 1985 and resource help from 1988. Awful.

Holly: The title makes it sound like a how-to manual! It’s good that they update it often, but there’s no reason for any library to have multiple copies of anything but the most recent edition. Teen suicide as a result of cyber bullying is a recent trend that really should be covered in a book like this, and there’s no way it’s mentioned in a 1988 edition.


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