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Avoidance of Baldness

avoidance of baldness coverAvoidance of Baldness

Submitter: This one sounds pretty innocuous. Until you read additional text on the cover and the table of contents.   Then I don’t know what to think.

Holly: Chapter 7: “Dreams as Contributing Factor” and Chapter 9: “Incidents among Winos and Vagrants” are intriguing.  Oh! And Chapter 14: “Incidence in a Communist Society” too.  Apparently communism causes baldness??  The appendices on nearsightedness and knock-knee are just bonuses, I guess.  This is bizarre.  And old.

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Just for Men


Milady’s For Men Only
Styling and Techniques

I honestly couldn’t post this one fast enough!  Just when you think no one can top any of the fashion and hair things, in comes an unamed library in Ohio with one of the best books yet.  Thanks submitter.  Here are some others you will not want to miss.

Aren’t Bobbie and Tom sweet looking?  Sometimes things are so perfectly awful, words just can’t do this justice.



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