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Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News!

the doctor prescribes cover

The Doctor Prescribes

This is one of those small booklets that advise patients on basic wellness. In other words, what to do when you are stressed-50s style. Phones and deadlines are “lethal weapons designed to commit civilized suicide”. The basic prescription is fresh air, eat right, go to bed early and get up earlier.

Some of the specific suggestions:

Nothing too spicy(don’t drown your breakfast eggs in pepper)

Limit drinking

Limit sugar

Get out in the country and breathe deeply

Sun bathe

Play golf

Get a hobby

The big advice centers on ulcers, cancer, and heart attacks and everyone knows that protocols and diagnostics for these conditions have changed quite a bit in 60 years. The other material is more wellness and lifestyle habits. Of course all of this advice assumes you are a upper middle class white man in an office job in the city. Ladies and others, you just have to suck it up.


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Bad Medicine

Survey of Patho9logy coverA Survey of Pathology

Submitter: I work at an academic medical school library. I am new and I have been weeding on and off since I arrived because previous staff thought that everything should be saved. We do retain older definitive texts for historical reference but we do not need this book. Not only does it contain scary and badly drawn black and white sketches but it comes with microfiche! Honest, it is still in the back of the book. And the cover is old and ripped and no one wants to study from this when they can use an ebook or a new study guide. One of the first new policies I put in place is that study guides are retained for 5 years and then they are withdrawn. I don’t know how this has been here so long but it is gone now.

Holly: We haven’t had a nice, heavy academic title here in a while. This looks fascinating! And by fascinating, I mean awful. Microfiche? Seriously? Mary’s daughter is working on a Ph.D. in biology, and I can absolutely guarantee that her eyes are rolling at this one.

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Spank the Syphilis Out of You!

Medical Ethics in the RenaissanceMedical Ethics in the Renaissance

Submitter: This book (a donation to our Medical Library) has a straightforward title but an intriguing cover image. I have to admit, it makes me wonder if spanking really did work on people’s syphilis back in the day!

Holly: Not a bad book at all, for certain libraries, but that cover is awesomely awful! Intriguing enough to make you want to know about medical ethics in the Renaissance, anyway.

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