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Pregnant and Groovy

great expectations sewing for maternity dressingGreat Expectations
How to make 30 easy, fast, sexy, cheerful maternity outfits that let you feel like a woman as well as a mother-to-be
Adams and Madaras

I have always thought that “cute” or “fashionable” maternity clothes was an oxymoron. This book proves my point. There was not a single design that even came close to a realistic choice for the average pregnant lady. Even if someone wanted to rock the earth mother hippie look, I doubt these designs would work. I won’t even try and guess how one would use a bathroom in under an hour with the example Dhoti pants. Maybe this could work as swim/beach cover ups rather than actual maternity clothes.


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Fashion for Pregnancy

Maternity Style coverMaternity Style
How to Look Your Best When You’re at Your Biggest

I am not sure this book delivers the part on “looking your best.” I think my favorite of these fashions are the business suit and of course the “getting comfortable” clothes. I do remember when the drop waist was all the rage. You can even look pregnant when you aren’t! I think we can all safely retire this from public library collections. Weed it!


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