Hoarding is not collection development
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Making a Collection Count


Swinging for the 90s

Living More
The Polyfidelity Primer

As a librarian, I am certain there is a place for this material.  Open marriage, open relationships, polygamy or whatever people are calling it, is a legitimate collection need depending on your population.  Far be it from me to say what is right or wrong in terms of collection or lifestyle.  So, this might be something worth adding to the collection if you think it fits within your collection objectives.  Done and done.  However, I am a 51 year old married mother of two and I just have to crack up and make fun of books like this.  Mostly because it seems like a lot of work coordinating a bunch of people.  (Kind of like a reference desk schedule with people out sick or on vacation.) Personally, if there was an alternative lifestyle that I would embrace, it would be where people left me alone and I could choose my own television programs and actually hold the clicker. (This is where I yell FREEDOM!)  Right now I am a slave to lifestyle that include 2 cats, an overworked, underpaid husband, an underfunded, understaffed library and 2 college-age “leeches” (as my husband lovingly calls our children). I haven’t got time to take on a “sleep schedule” or invite other people to our marriage “party”.  Besides, they would just find it dull.  A big night for us is re-runs of Firefly or Star Trek while vacuuming up a ton of cat hair off the furniture. Ah, but I digress from our theoretical discussion of awful library books.

I have included a few pages of text for your enjoyment/perusal.  I am sure there are those out there in library land that know more about this subject and can comment on texts that one might find useful in a library collection. No,  those are not my answers written in the text. It was already in my copy.  I am always annoyed when people write in books and I am against workbook or quiz-style books because of it.  (Yeah, I hardly think that is a new complaint among librarians!)


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Widow Maker

Teach Your Wife How to Be a WidowTeach your wife how to be a widow
U.S. News & World Report
Money Management Library

I have been doing my income taxes this past week so I was in no mood for this title to cross my desk.  Seriously?  What is the holding library thinking? The purpose of this book is to help those big strong husbands out there to explain the complicated world of money, investing, and insurance.   The tone of the book throughout assumes women barely touch money and men know a lot about managing money. This book is how you “teach” your obviously slow witted wife the ins and outs of money.  I am sure my mother would have been appalled in 1973, as well as 2011.

As a side note, I did remember as I flipped through this book that women had a hard time getting credit or even the time of day from financial institutions unless hubby co-signed or took care of the bills.  Ah the good old days!  Take a look at some sample pages (and yes, they are that old and crusty looking).


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Open Marriage? All the cool kids are doing it!

Open Marriage:  A New Life Style for Couples
O ‘Neill
Any baby boomers out there remember this controversial title?  (I believe my mom called it a “cheating manual”.)  Of course this WAS an appropriate (if controversial) choice in the early 1970’s.  It really does belong in an archive. The condition of this particular title is in pretty bad shape and should be weeded on condition alone.  If you get beyond the groovy pop psychology talk,  it is basically saying that one single person can’t be responsible for fulfilling all a marriage partner’s needs.  The controversial part of this book is the chapter that questions sexual monogamy.  I know this title is significant for the time and should be kept in a collection– probably in a university or large library with a broad psychology/marriage collection.  Any marriage experts/psychology people want to comment on the viability of this title in a popular materials collection for a public library?  In the meantime, enjoy a few of these morsels.

(married for 28 years and too tired to open up the marriage to anyone else)

Closed/Open Marriage: