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Robotics of Old

Past, Present,& Future

I expected this book to be really awful based on the cover art, however the book was actually more interesting than I would have guessed. The author really did a great job of talking about the evolution of automation and robots. If it was 1983, this book would get a big thumbs up from me. This is a weeder in 2017. However, the topic is hot and if this book were given an update, some better photos/illustrations, and an interesting cover, and maybe an endorsement from Skynet, we would have a winner.


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Car Making

ladybird car makers book cover

‘People at Work’
The Car Makers

Holly and I are metro Detroiters and both of us are married to auto engineers. Actually, a disproportionate number of librarians seem to be married to engineers around here… I wonder if that is some kind of cosmic force of nerdiness?

Today’s choice is a Ladybird book from the old days. I became a Ladybird fan when I was in Britain for a couple of years in the mid 90s. My kids loved these books and I liked that they actually had a bit more meat than similar nonfiction titles. Of course my auto engineer would probably take this book and create a detailed diagram of how manufacturing has changed since this was published.

I was looking through the book and noticed the back and forth use of women vs. girls. I guess they weren’t sure at the time.


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Food from the Factory Farm


The Great American Shopping Cart
How America Gets its Food Today

Another oldie for your consideration. This is a kids book on the economics of food. Not bad for 1969 but almost comical for 2012. (Yes, it is still in circulation). The premise is that the USDA is going to help you and keep you safe from bad food. Also, the great industrial machine is good for food production. Think of this as a kind of the junior anti-Michael Pollan book. Local food, food borne illness, and other issues today are not even on this book’s radar. I did get a kick out of the discussion on trading stamps. I remember my mom and dad faithfully pasting S & H green stamps into books. I think after hundreds of stamps, we ended up with a crappy card table.  (Click here to read the wikipedia entry about trading stamps.)

Now I feel REALLY old,


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