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Glorious Macrame

Macrame Accessories cover

Macrame Accessories: Patterns and Ideas for Knotting

Submitter: Having seen the pictures, I am happy that I did not experience the 70s. I think that the pictures pretty much speak for themselves. But I will say that the guy in picture 5 does scare the crap out of me, I think its the hands on the hips…..

Holly: Wow.  Just…wow.

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Knot this!

How to Have Fun with Macrame

Submitter: Attached are scans of a 1974 macrame book that is still in circulation.  People do actually check it out.  I think because we have no up to date books on the subject.  The colors remind me of a pair of polyester pants I had when I was ten years old.  They had fish on them.  Oh, the colorful memories.

Holly: You have no up to date books on the subject because there aren’t any! This is cataloged as a children’s book.  Why on earth would a public library hang on to a craft book that is 36 years old?  If (and it’s a very big if…) macrame is making a come back, buy a new book on the topic.  The people in these drawings are wearing bell bottoms and smocks, for pete’s sake!

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All Tied Up

The Art of Macrame: Modern Design in Knotting

Modern?  I beg to differ.  Check out these numbers! I wish they’d quit putting other peoples’ faces on my body!  She does have the longest neck EVER…kind of looks like a photo edit job.

Fringe lovers unite!  This is the book for you!


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