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Groovy Teen Crap, I mean Crafts

Great and Groovy Things to Make coverGreat and Groovy Things to Make

If this is still floating around someone’s teen section, I will probably have to kill myself. Teens in 1972 are today’s GRANDPARENTS. Of course, this craptastic book has macrame and tie dye! Yes, I do realize that much of the stuff in this book is popular again, but I am quite sure no modern teen will get past the title and cover without saying “I sure as hell don’t want to look like Grandma!” Oh, and if one more person tells me not to “judge a book by its cover,” I will probably throw up.

Keep this for your fantasy 70s collection, but get it the heck out of a current teen section.

Stay groovy!


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The Craft that Haunts Every Library: Macrame!


Macrame: A Golden Hands Pattern Book
Popplewell (ed.)

Just when Holly and I think we have seen every macrame book out there, yet another will turn up. Of course I couldn’t resist especially with that rockin’ vest on the cover. I freely admit I am biased about macrame. I thought it was stupid in the 1970s.

Of course the interior fashion shots do not disappoint! That first shot is a wardrobe malfunction on the precipice! (I also think the polyester blue pants really gives the outfit a certain pizzazz).

Run, don’t walk to your craft section and kill these books. If you are convinced that macrame is coming to redeem us all, at least get some newer books.


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The 1970s @ Your Library

Macrame Made Easy

Direct from the 1970s…. macrame @ yourlibrary

Always a favorite here at the ALB home office, macrame always screams 1970s for everyone. Granted, I wouldn’t be surprised if macrame enjoys a resurgence (if it hasn’t already) but the projects and condition of these books are generally a weeding slam dunk.

In case anyone is interested, I had the same hair and barrettes thing going on in 1973, as portrayed by the cover, and I am quite sure that I had that purse with the big loop handles.

My big question is what the heck is that woman in the the blue cape thing hugging or stroking? Or do I not want to know?


Feeling Groovy in 2013,


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