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Groovy Crafts for the Fulfilled Woman

crafts for fun and profit cover

Crafts for Fun and Profit
Van Zandt

This series is called Women Alive. We already posted the book that helps you figure out your man. After you figure out your man, you can sit down and make some lovely crafts. I particularly like the macrame vest thing with fringe. Very sexy. I think it is the plaid pants that really pull the outfit together.

I think I really need this whole series.


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Decorate Your Home with Macrame!

macrame open house cover

Macrame Open House

My new collection responsibilities include crafting, so naturally I am running into tons of titles featuring some of this lovely crap, I mean stuff. Macrame books have been a staple at ALB and this book fits right in to our growing archive of macrame. My particular favorite of this book is featured in the last picture below. Who wouldn’t want a patriotic themed wall hanging of a Ewok-looking Uncle Sam? It also might be a cat face. I’m not sure. (Special Note: I am well aware of the fact that Return of the Jedi was not released until 1983, so we can assume the crafter was NOT going for a Star Wars theme.)

May the crafting force be with you,



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Knot Again!

macrame cover


We haven’t had a macrame book show up in a while here at the ALB home offices. When this showed up, I grabbed it. Macrame was such a thing in the late 60s and early 70s. I remember getting a wedding shower gift in 1982 of a macrame wall hanging of a chicken. I thought it was a joke at the time since even 1982 was too late for a macrame anything. (It wasn’t.) I gave it as a joke to a friend of mine as a she got married, and I believe she passed it on as well. Somewhere, the macrame chicken is out there as a testament to all bad gifts.




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