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Some Day I’ll Be a Librarian

Some Day I'll Be a LibrarianSome Day I’ll Be a Librarian

Submitter: This gem is still on-shelf at [University], where I attended library school. The writing is pretty good overall, but it was the text on page 16 that first had me howling — the kids at the library each *happen* to come across a wonderful book that just *happens* to be written by Sarah Splaver. What a coincidence!

The fact that the tech services librarians have personalities that are “quite different” from the public service staff — such as the “pleasant, enthusiastic” children’s librarian — made me imagine surly catalogers and scowling acquisitions staff hiding out in the back offices.

I was happy to see diversity in the images of this book! Given that it was published in 1967, I wasn’t expecting that. On the other hand, the chapter “Were Men Meant for Librarianship” emphasizes that men are especially wanted for TOP JOBS and administrative positions. ‘Cause none of the ladies are best suited for that, apparently.

The photograph that had me gaping in disbelief was the one featuring the music librarian… as she helps a patron who has a pipe in his mouth!

Holly: The kids in these pictures are about to retire from their librarian careers!

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Jinny Williams Returns

Jinny Williams Library AssistantJinny Williams: Library Assistant
Temkin and Hovell

I have been on the lookout for a copy of this book since we first posted it 5 years ago. Finally my constant searching on Amazon and used book stores has paid off. I now own this awesome library discard for my own personal collection.

Jinny is searching for meaning in her career and of course as we know it takes an entire library to raise a librarian. Jinny starts as a page and works her way up and finally considers librarianship a career. (What will she do with all that money and power?)  Of course there is a crabby senior librarian who gets a bit frosty at Jinny. There is even an annoying customer and minor politics! What is not to love? All she needs is a cardigan and a cat!


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The Loveliest Librarian – Friday Fiction for #PLA2014

The Loveliest Librarian coverThe Loveliest Librarian

Holly and I just returned from the Public Library Association Conference. We had a marvelous time and wish we could have stayed for the whole conference. Naturally, we felt it was appropriate to use our Friday Fiction to feature a librarian.

Our librarian is Katie Ann, who works at a college library, supervises some up-and-coming library school students, and is assistant to the Head Librarian.  She also drives a used Porche.  (Seriously.)  She has a somewhat distracted scientist boyfriend who seems to be working on a mysterious “project y” and resents her wanting to buy him the occasional dinner or drinks because he is still struggling with grad school. This girl is ripe for some romance!

All of a sudden, a famous writer and a director hits town to make a movie and the library is getting involved. Writer guy uses the pick-up line of “Are you working in a library to pay for modeling school?” Katie evidently kind of likes this drivel and starts to date Writer Guy. However, Writer Guy starts revealing himself to be a perfect asshat (evidently the pick-up line wasn’t a big enough clue) and Katie is torn between Science Boy and Writer Guy.  Stay tuned!


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