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Hook Up, Get Hired!

Hook Up, Get Hired coverHook Up, Get Hired!: The Internet Job Search Revolution

Submitter: I just weeded this lovely specimen from the 650s at my midsize public library. The statistics say that it circulated within the last two years and over 12 times since 2005, the last time it was evaluated. How it was missed for weeding in 2005, I have no idea. I’m in my mid-twenties and had to ask a coworker about some of the terms in the glossary. Mosaic? Gopher? Usenet? I really think Cybernaut needs to make a comeback. “Man, that guy is such a Cybernaut!”

I found the True or False Quiz when I was flipping through the book. The quote about the MIT study showing that 87% of people online were men was interesting. And if you answer at least 3/10 correctly, you win “one of those cute little beanies with a propeller on top!”

Besides the completely foreign (to me) terminology, there are plenty of references to websites, companies and phone numbers that no longer exist. Plus there is no mention of LinkedIn, Facebook or the fact that many companies now do all of their hiring online. An easy weed!

Holly: A good portion of the country was in economic distress and unemployment was high in the last five years or so. It was a good time to update job search books. If you haven’t looked at them in a while, get on in there! This stuff is important!

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Do You Like to File?

Quality Interviewing coverQuality Interviewing
3rd ed., 1994

Mary loves to tell the story about the time I, along with another person, interviewed her for her first Library Clerk position. It was somewhere around the year 1998 or 1999. We all hit it off really well and pretty much cracked up through the entire interview. The library had an old list of interview questions that I think had been asked since the beginning of time. One of the questions was “Do you like to file?” Without missing a beat, Mary said something like, “Does anyone really like to file?” Of course, she followed it up with something about how she would do whatever the job required and do it well, but I thought that was a perfect, honest answer. (Yes, Mary, people do like to file. I, for one, love to file.)

So. This book. It’s not entirely awful, but as usual it is very outdated. It does not prompt interview-givers to ask anything about technology skills (though typing words-per-minute seems crucial). It is just not very indicative of modern interviewing or hiring practices. It does have some reasonable advice and good worksheets (which surprisingly enough were not written on in this copy!).

I also take issue with the second image (below) where applicants (plural) is written as applicant’s (possessive). No, no, no!!


P.S. Mary wrote a great post on stupid interview questions over at Library Lost and Found. Check it out!

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