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Job Tips for the 90’s

complete job finders guide for the 90'sComplete job finder’s guide for the 90’s : marketing yourself in the new job market

Submitter: I found this at a local college’s career collection. We all loved some of the totally inappropriate questions you might be asked in an interview. They seem totally out of line even for the 90’s.

Holly: My faves:
“What percent of your college education did you pay for?”
“Do you have any debts?”
“What do you do to stay healthy and physically fit?”
…and of course “Does your spouse support your career?”

My advice? Never, ever ask these questions (and never work somewhere that asks them)!

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Ye Olde Career Guide

Career Guide HandbookCareer Guide Handbook
Including a directory of personnel consultants
National Association of Personnel Consultants

This book is still in a public library collection as of this writing. This manual is mostly a listing of personnel consultants by state, and the remaining 20 pages are some very limited pieces of advice on want ads, interviewing, and resumes. (I have included MOST of the advice below.) I am not even sure it was a useful purchase back in the olden days, as it is more a directory than career advice. Of course the question is, why does a public library still have this old book floating around in a career section?


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Hook Up, Get Hired!

Hook Up, Get Hired coverHook Up, Get Hired!: The Internet Job Search Revolution

Submitter: I just weeded this lovely specimen from the 650s at my midsize public library. The statistics say that it circulated within the last two years and over 12 times since 2005, the last time it was evaluated. How it was missed for weeding in 2005, I have no idea. I’m in my mid-twenties and had to ask a coworker about some of the terms in the glossary. Mosaic? Gopher? Usenet? I really think Cybernaut needs to make a comeback. “Man, that guy is such a Cybernaut!”

I found the True or False Quiz when I was flipping through the book. The quote about the MIT study showing that 87% of people online were men was interesting. And if you answer at least 3/10 correctly, you win “one of those cute little beanies with a propeller on top!”

Besides the completely foreign (to me) terminology, there are plenty of references to websites, companies and phone numbers that no longer exist. Plus there is no mention of LinkedIn, Facebook or the fact that many companies now do all of their hiring online. An easy weed!

Holly: A good portion of the country was in economic distress and unemployment was high in the last five years or so. It was a good time to update job search books. If you haven’t looked at them in a while, get on in there! This stuff is important!

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