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How to Work for a Japanese Boss

How to Work for a Japanese Boss coverHow to Work for a Japanese Boss

This is less a book about how to work for a Japanese boss than it is a book about the business culture of Japan…twenty-two years ago. This book made sense for the suburban Detroit-area public library in which it was found, since Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Suzuki, Subaru, and Yamaha are all Japanese auto companies that do (did?) business around here. Many of those companies still do business around Detroit. Is that a reason to keep it? NO! It’s a reason to weed it! A lot of people around here work for Japanese companies and/or take business trips to Japan. They have every reason to want to know respectful Japanese business practices. Let’s not steer them wrong. I especially loved the chapter on sex (of course), and have included several pages below.

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Japan Expo Guide

Japan Expo Guide coverJapan Expo ’70 Guide

Submitter: Another horribly outdated travel book. The sad thing is this actually circulated 10 years after the Expo! Even sadder is that it’s been sitting on the shelf for 30 more years. Imagine a deluxe hotel today going for $18 a night. We love the suggestion of packing a fur stole. We are a state library.

Holly: Cool book in 1970. By 1980 it was pretty much done-for. Now? Doorstop.

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For Men with Yen

For-Men-with-YenFor Men With Yen: A Guide to the Japanese Hostess System
Rosenberg, O’Neill, and Kikuchi

Submitter: A book about the hostess system in Japan from the 60s. I wish I knew more about this book.

Holly: Well, let me tell you more!  According to  http://www.justin.org/vita/trip/japan/media/bukz, “Two American men come to Japan in the 1960s to sample and explain the hostess clubs, complete with comical illustrations.”  There’s another web site, http://www.links.net/vita/trip/japan/media/bukz/formenwithyen/ that explains it even further.  I would love to see more of the illustrations, which are described as “lively!”  In a nutshell, it seems to be about members-only clubs in Japan (in fact, sometimes specifically Japanese members only) in which men are served by women.  They are sort of like Geisha, only with less formality and training.  The holding libraries seem to be mostly academic, and also international (Australia, Japan, Italy).  There is a copy in Hawaii. too.  This looks like an interesting book, if taken in its historical and cultural context.    If not, then it slides into the “awful library book” category.