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Love Italian Style

Love Italian Style coverLove Italian style

Submitter: Chapter 3 is where all the dirt comes out. We get great insight to a select few Italian males’ mind sets in 1966. This book interviews men in Italy and asks the same set of questions.

From the table of contents I had to read A Roman Truck Driver. How intriguing! I have included the full passage. He talks about how he has been carrying on affairs on his wife with prostitutes and dancing girls. I loved how when asked what he thought about homosexuals his response was “I think it’s a sickness.” He follows that up with two pages of how he has been engaging in gay sex. So open, so honest! In each passage the men surprisingly have had some sort of gay tryst.

Here’s the thing. This book is cataloged in the YA section of my local public library. I could see this book being in an academic library. I am not sure a public library, never mind cataloged in YA , would be right.

Holly: This is mildly interesting at best, but unless your community is largely Italian, it’s not that relevant to a public library audience. I agree that it doesn’t seem right for a YA audience too. Its age, subject, and relevancy to a modern general public library audience is really limited. It’s an easy weeder without  much risk of being missed. I want to see the chapter on the Sardinian Shepherd. Oh wait, maybe I don’t…


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Mama Mia!

Italian Without Words coverItalian Without Words
Cangelosi and Carpini

On the suggestion of someone (I can’t remember who), I ordered this book in ILL and cracked up on just about every picture. Is this any good? Is it humor? Is it language instruction? Is it two Italian men making fun of their immigrant parents? I don’t know and I don’t really care. The chapters include Insults, Love and Romance, Threats, Food, etc.  I did laugh at every picture and tried all the threats out loud.

Is it a weeder? The book is old and dated looking, not to mention rough around the edges, so maybe on condition. Otherwise, it was a good time and a quick diversion. Your mileage may vary.



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