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505 Unbelievably Stupid Web Pages

505 stupid web pages - cover
505 Unbelievably Stupid Web Pages
2nd Ed.

Submitter: 2007 doesn’t seem like that long ago to me, but it is internet light years! I find it hilarious that books were published ABOUT websites, forcing you to look through the book, then type in the (often long) address if you wanted to see the site.

I think this book is generally terrible*** and is a terrible book for a college library! I pulled this book off the shelf yesterday.

*** Some of the sites are stupid, but others are just being mocked because the author doesn’t seem to understand their usefulness or that others might be interested. In the commentary about the camel website, the author can’t seem to comprehend different cultures/locations–the shocked tone about camel racing, as if it is so different from horse racing! The women in packaging site is given a stupidity level of 8, but it was a resource for women trying to enter a (presumably male-dominated) field. Why is that stupid?

Holly: These books have such a limited shelf life. This is an odd choice for a college library, for sure! And what does the Peep® bunny on the cover have to do with anything?? Peeps® are awesome, not stupid!

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Gay and Lesbian Online

Gay and Lesbian Online - coverGay & lesbian Online,

Submitter: I think this was a good choice for our academic library in 1996. Back then we bought a lot of Guides to the Internet. These days, people use search engines and social networks to find what they need. We weeded most Guides to the Internet shelved in TK or Z a few years ago. I think this one slipped through the cracks because it was shelved in the HQ (i.e., the GLBT) section.

The book refers to the Queer Resources Directory (QRD) a lot. It’s still on the web, but it hasn’t been updated for years. I tried typing in some of the long URLs in the same-sex-marriage section, but most of them failed at the domain level. We didn’t have URL shorteners back then either!

Notice that ‘FAQ’ needed to be explained. The graininess of the screenshots is original to the book.

Holly: Just the mention of AOL and Compuserve on the cover makes this a weeder! I had to look up BBSs (bulletin board systems). That’s another reason to weed this.

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Web of Deception

Web of Deception coverWeb of Deception: Misinformation on the Internet
Mintz (Editor)

If you have the 2008 edition of this book, it’s probably still ok, although getting older by the minute.  This 2002 version is almost ten years old.  It still has some good information in it, but it is missing a lot and the emphasis is in the wrong places.  It’s big on Usenet groups and listservs and of course doesn’t mention social networking.  The information on email is pretty good, but missing the newest scams and techniques that spammers use.  If it’s the best you can do, you could maybe squeeze another year out of it for what it does have, but my patrons are asking about Facebook scams, Craigslist, and email spoofing.  That’s not in here.

Oh, by the way, you’ve won some money.  Just email your password and credit card number to submit@awfullibrarybooks.net and we’ll make sure you get a check from Nigeria.

(In case it’s not clear…that’s a JOKE!  Do not send us your passwords! Credit card numbers still welcome.)


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