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Scary Children’s Decor

childrens rooms coverChildren’s Rooms : how to decorate them to grow with your child

Submitter: I have attached copious images to truly understand how scary the designs of these rooms are. Creepy dolls galore.

Holly: Wow, those are some extremely overstimulating designs for sleeping children!

Mary: Now I am going to have nightmares. Just no.

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Decorating with Barbara Taylor Bradford

Easy Steps to Successful DecoratingEasy Steps to Successful Decorating

Yes this is THE Barbara Taylor Bradford. Before she hit it big with A Woman of Substance and the subsequent Emma Harte books, she was a home decorating/style expert. So do we weed or keep? After all, it is Barbara Taylor Bradford.

Before you give your answer, take a look at some of these decorating ideas and tell me that we need to hang on to this in a modern public library. An archive should keep this for posterity, for the rest of us it is a weeder. On a personal note, the cage style bedroom evokes a certain charm.


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(Good?) Housekeeping

decorating cover

The Good Housekeeping Complete Guide to Traditional American Decorating
Good Housekeeping

Submitter: This book came in on a hold.  Published in 1979, our records show that it’s been out 14 times since 2002 and it’s one of two copies in our system.  I think it should be weeded. Lol.

Holly: They never end, do they?  These decorating books from the 70s are generally just taking up space in our collections.  This one is a little different only because it puts the word “traditional” in the title.  At least they’re not trying to be modern.  They’re trying to be traditional.  Still, the information in the book is dated, like a section on new technology that makes synthetic flooring look like natural flooring.  I guess that WAS new in 1979.  Now it’s pretty standard and information about it wouldn’t be worded that way.

I just moved into a new house and painted over a hideous lavender wall.  I mean, to each their own, so if you like the way these traditional American rooms look, knock yourself out.  The next people to live in your house will do what they like.

This book is only relevant if you have an excessive amount of shelf space, if it doesn’t smell like 1979, and if 14 circulations in 9 years is reasonable for your collection objectives.  That’s not a bad statistic in my library!  The question is, are people checking it out because there are no other options or because they’re really interested in the subject?  …And if they’re just interested, give them something newer on the subject.

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