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Childhood Diseases are Fun!

have a happy measle title page

Have a Happy Measle, and a Merry Mumps and a Cheery Chickenpox

Today we have an oldie, but a goodie, thanks to an alert Twitter follower. Since this is before widespread application of the vaccines for childhood illnesses, maybe these authors were just trying to spin disease as a fun vacation from school. As a child, I had measles, mumps and chickenpox and just about everyone else I knew did too. It was almost a rite of passage. I don’t really remember it being this “fun”, though. It’s definitely a weeder, but also an awesome relic from the olden days.

Stay healthy everyone!


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Afraid to Ask

Afraid to Ask coverAfraid to Ask: A Book For Families to Share About Cancer

Submitter: My local library has a large network of branches. Also included are the libraries at all the public schools. This 1986 book on cancer came to me via one of those schools. The entire system has 6 copies. I would argue this was completely out of date 10 years later in 1996. But almost 30 years later?? I can only imagine all the medical advancements that have taken place in the span of 30 years. I guess I could take some small solace in the fact this book was in mint condition. It cracked when I opened it, as though it was new! Perhaps never even read.

Holly: I bet this was a good book in 1986. It could have been weeded by 1990 or so. I do like the format, but cancer isn’t quite the instant death sentence it was in 1986. That cover is not-so-inspiring!


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Lee the Rabbit with Epilepsy

Lee the rabbit with epilepsy coverLee the Rabbit with Epilepsy

Submitter: This book was caught in a recent weeding project. I’m sure there’s a need for picture books on this topic and there aren’t too many available, but a quick scan of Amazon.com shows that there are several that are much more current than this one. Since there is medical information included within the story, the 20-year-old publication date is a big red flag. Also, we thought it was really weird that the fish on the front cover looked so happy about getting caught.

Holly: This is a cute book, but I’m with you.  1989 is unacceptable even for a picture book about a medical topic!  And, yeah, what’s with the happy fish? Lee does have beautiful eye lashes, though, doesn’t  he?

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