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Your Sex Pot Handbook

Sex Pots and Pans  - cover

Sex Pots… And Pans
The single girl’s to hooking her man-through cooking

Ladies! Are you worried about snagging that man? Today’s post features a guy telling you how to get a husband using your culinary talents. (Don’t you just love when a man is unselfish and gives you such good advice?)

Naturally, it also helps if you are pretty too. Combine the pretty and the cooking and you are well on your way to getting that husband you have always been pining for since you were a little girl.

Start cooking and heat up more than the kitchen!



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Looking Good For Your Man

Dress for success coverHow to Dress for Success

I was so excited to find this gem tucked away in a university collection. Of course Edith Head is a fashion icon, and this book is completely appropriate for any serious fashion collection, but this book is almost comical for today’s modern public library collections. Because it is Edith Head, I bet there is some timeless fashion advice, however, you will need to overlook the theme of dressing to keep your man happy.

Regardless, this is fun book to browse and keep for reasons other than providing current fashion information. I had so much fun browsing through this title.


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