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The Skunk and His Junk

The Skunk and His Junk coverThe Skunk and His Junk

Submitter: I might be an adult, but when I find books like this I turn into a middle schooler. Really, publishers ought to run all of their books by a group of 12-year-olds. It would save everyone a lot of time and trouble

Holly: <Snort!> Ok, ok. There’s nothing really wrong with this book. It’s fine for a library collection. I’m not personally a fan of this art style – half-drawn, half real-life image. But, the rhymes are clever and it’s colorful. It’s fun to read about your junk. (Does anyone remember the Eddie Murphy song “Boogie in Your Butt”? It is now playing on a loop in my head. You’re welcome.)

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How to be a Jewish Mother

How to be a Jewish Mother coverHow to be a Jewish Mother
A Very Lovely Training Manual

This was snagged from the humor section and is a training manual for Jewish mothers and how to really use passive aggressive comments and guilt. The author asserts that this training is also appropriate for other ethnic groups and religions.

Of course this book is old but not necessarily a bad choice. My gripe is that the tape and certain unidentified substances make it weed-worthy. I will leave it to the Jewish mothers out there to discuss the accuracy of the “advice”.



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How to Kill Your Girlfriend’s Cat

How to kill your girlfriend's cat againHow to Kill Your Girlfriend’s Cat Again

Submitter: While flipping through the humor section of my local library I found this book, How to Kill your Girlfriend’s Cat Again. With jokes about animal abuse, AIDS, and poor Sharon Tate, needless to say, I did not find it funny.

Holly: My first thought was, “Well, it is categorized as humor.” Then I saw Submitter’s images (below). Dr. Mengele and Charles Manson: too far, Dr. Daphne. Too far.

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