Hoarding is not collection development
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Baby Do My Banking

Baby Do My Banking - coverBaby Do My Banking
Baby Be Of Use

Yes, this is a humor book. And it’s funny! It is a board book that suggests that Baby should take over the family’s finances. Open a new account! Apply for a home equity loan! And a penny for baby’s trouble. Baby didn’t have anything better to do, after all.

This is weird, for sure, but cute that it’s a board book as if it’s really “for” a baby. What will they think of next?


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It Could Be Verse

It Could Be Verse

Submitter: Holy iambic pentameter, Batman!!  [Buono] is most famous for playing the villainous “King Tut” on the original Batman show in the 60s.  It’s from 1972 and our copy looks pretty worn, so it got tossed recently.  I am not sure how it lasted this long.

Holly: I love the title!  Too funny!  Here’s an exerpt: (and yes, Submitter, if it’s worn and old, I agree: time to weed this one!)

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Why Cats Paint

Why Cats Paint: a theory of feline aesthetics
Busch and Silver

Submitter: I found this while looking though my local library’s book sale. I picked it up out of interest and I started laughing.

Holly: Who knew cats could paint?  This is hilarious!!  Is it just me, or do some of the cats in these pictures look a little fake?  I’m sure they’re creative geniuses, though.  Fluff, in the last picture, doesn’t just play with wool.  He “constructs creative installations.”  Of course he does.  The book sale is a good place for it, but there are quite a few libraries out there with this book in the collection.

Mary: I suppose we wouldn’t be librarians without a couple of cat references.  I personally am owned by two lovely cats named Roberta and Fred.  Any cat book intrigues me: who in their right mind would be patient enough to photograph cats doing art?  Who has that kind of time?

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