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Home, Inc

Home, Inc: How to Start and Operate a Successful Business From Your Home

Submitter: I hate books like this. It pains me to see them in my local library. The data this book cites info from 1966-1980. It is also too old for any information on how to run a business from the internet. Buts it’s still good enough to keep two copies in the system.

Holly: Why on earth would this still be in a library in 2015? Two copies, even. Working from home was a new trend in the 1980s, so a book about this novel new idea would have been a great choice for a public library in 1981. Now, working from home is so commonplace that a book on the subject needs to be pretty specific to technology, taxes, outsourcing, etc. – none of which will be presented up-to-date in this 34 year old book.

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