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home economics

Home Ec Flashback

teen homemaker cover

Teen Guide to Homemaking
Brinkley, Chamberlin, Champion

This could have been my high school text for home ec and the pictures could have come straight from my high school yearbook. All that is missing is a soundtrack of Saturday Night Fever.  Just to give some context, microwaves were still pretty new at this time and this text doesn’t even mention them. The featured picture below talks about self-cleaning ovens and self-defrosting freezers, which constituted some seriously fancy features.

I swear, none of this seems “that” long ago in my head. Excuse my age crisis, but younger staff members/patrons have often said something like, “Ask Mary, she is old enough to remember… (insert anything “old” like a typewriter, presidents before Reagan, etc)”

Not that old (really),


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Home Ec Memories

Exploring Home and Family LivingExploring Home and Family
Fleck, Fernandez and Munvez

This book showed up in a book donation and I had a blast flipping through the pages. From what I could tell, it is a refugee from a high school and it is practically showroom new! WorldCat shows holdings in mostly university libraries which is where this gem needs to reside.  In the meantime, you can enjoy this flashback to the early 1960s. Every picture seemed to be reminiscent of a Doris Day movie. My personal favorite picture is the “pajama party”.


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I want to be a “likable teen”

Your Home and You
Greer and Gibbs

This book is ten different kinds of awesome!  I want to sit around drinking milk and playing records. Ah, the good old days!

I was lucky enough to trip on it at our library’s used book sale.  I have no idea how it ended up at our place, but it looks like it was a textbook refugee from a junior high school home economics class. (Do they still call it Home Ec?) There is actually a ton of interesting information here. A prune salad recipe ( I wish that picture was in COLOR!), how to make a bed, home decorating, caring for the kids, etc.

Enjoy the pictures!


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